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NYC Broadway Theater

Ain't Too Proud (NYC Broadway Production)

The acclaimed new musical featuring the iconic music of The Temptations arrives on Broadway!

Date: 3/7/2020
Beetlejuice (NYC Broadway Production)

A new musical based on the fan-favorite film of the same name.

Date: 3/7/2020
Phantom of the Opera (NYC Broadway Production)

Broadway's longest running musical . . . ever!

Date: 3/18/2020
Wicked (NYC Broadway Production)

The untold musical story of The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good... before Dorothy dropped in.

Date: 3/21/2020
Diana: A True Musical Story (NYC Broadway)

The acclaimed bio-musical that tells the story of the most famous woman of the modern age: Diana, Princess of Wales. (image from Little Fang)

Date: 4/8/2020
Girl from the North Country (NYC Broadway)

Bob Dylan’s inimitable songbook is authentically transformed into this achingly beautiful story of a down-on-its-luck community on the brink of change in Duluth, Minnesota in 1934.

Date: 4/8/2020
Company (NYC Broadway Production)

A revelatory staging of the quintessential Sondheim musical featuring stage legend, Patti LuPone!

Date: 4/18/2020
Disney's Lion King (NYC Broadway Production)

Experience the stunning visual artistry, the unforgettable music and the exhilarating choreography of this musical theater phenomenon-one of the most awe-inspiring productions ever brought to life on stage!

Date: 4/18/2020
Moulin Rouge - NYC Broadway Production

Baz Luhrmann’s revolutionary film comes to life onstage, remixed in a new musical mash-up extravaganza.

Date: 4/18/2020
Chicago (NYC Broadway Production)

Whether it's your first Broadway musical, you've seen the movie and want to see it live on stage or you've seen it before and want to recapture the magic, CHICAGO always delivers.

Date: 4/25/2020
Mrs. Doubtfire (NYC Broadway Production)

Helloooooooo! Mrs. Doubtfire is a musical now, poppets, and she's here to make everything better! (image courtesy of 5th Avenue Theater)

Date: 5/16/2020
West Side Story (NYC Broadway Production)

West Side Story transposes Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to the gang-ridden streets of 1950s Manhattan, dominated by the Sharks and the Jets. Two teens from the bitter-enemy gangs meet and fall in love at a fateful gym dance.

Dates: 5/20/2020 and 6/6/2020
Six (NYC Broadway Production)

Six centers on the six ex-wives of King Henry VIII, who headline an electrifying pop-concert spectacle—flipping the narrative on the one-sided story from our history books.

Date: 6/6/2020
The Music Man - Starring Hugh Jackman

The Music Man Starring Hugh Jackman!

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